About SigmaCubes

SigmaCubes is the collective homepage of projects created by Julian Lachniet, Simon Kwilinski, and Jacob Wysko. There's not much to see here right now, but we promise we're adding some awesome stuff soon!

Julian Lachniet

Julian Lachniet writes all the code that makes this website work quickly, and across nearly every browser. He's currently working on a sequel to the game Nested, which was created by Orteil (the guy who made Cookie Clicker!)

Julian Lachniet on GitHub

Julian Lachniet on YouTube

Email: julachniet@gmail.com

Simon Kwilinski

Simon Kwilinski is working on tutorials for using graphing calculators. He has previously worked on the CubeSolver Electric.

Email: simon.kwilinski.161@gmail.com

Jacob Wysko

Jacob Wysko makes Clone Hero charts in his free time, and contributes to Wikipedia.

Jacob Wysko on GitHub

Jacob Wysko on Wikipedia

Jacob Wysko on YouTube

Email: jacob@wysko.org