Connecting a MySQL Database on NameCheap to IntelliJ or PhpStorm

This page shows you how to add remote SQL connections for PuTTY. But, this doesn’t exactly transfer to the same configuration in JetBrains. Here’s exactly what you need to put into IntelliJ or PhpStorm to connect them to your MySQL database hosted on Namecheap.

On the General tab:

  • Host:
  • Port: 3306
  • User & Password: your cPanel login
  • Database: your database name
  • The URL is automatically generated for you.

On the SSH/SSL tab:

  • Enable Use SSH tunnel
  • Create a new SSH configuration
    • Host: your servers dedicated URL, found in the email Namecheap sends you or also found in cPanel
    • Port: 21098
    • User name: your cPanel login
    • Authentication type: Password (you can optionally add an SSH key)
    • Password: your cPanel password

You may get an error that the timezone is not set. Simply change the value of serverTimezone on the Advanced tab to UTC.

And that’s it! Test your connection and start querying.