🎵 Megalith by Julian Lachniet 🎵

This EP was written over the course of seven months between June and December of 2019. Although I wrote most of the music and lyrics, I have to thank Jacob Wysko for some significant contributions to this EP, such as the drums from In the Shadow, the keyboard from Climbing the Rock, the arrangement of Red Waves, and for co-producing this EP. I also have to thank Simon Kwilinski for his contributions to the lyrics. Finally, I need to thank all my friends and family who were forced to listen to so many incomplete versions of this music. I hope you enjoy!

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/35C7T4p
Streaming: http://bit.ly/36K12aK

Music by Julian Lachniet and Jacob Wysko
Lyrics by Julian Lachniet and Simon Kwilinski

Vocals by Julian Lachniet, Henry Zayko, Nathaniel Holcomb, Jacob Wysko, Simon Kwilinski, Zachary Lovejoy, and Mythreyi Parameswaran

Produced by Julian Lachniet and Jacob Wysko

Featuring Get Out of the Boat by Ron Wilson

Music and Lyrics by Ron Wilson and David Palmer
Vocals by Ron Wilson
Drums by Steve Simpson
Keyboards by Ron Wilson and David Palmer
Engineering by Mike Fox and Tim Houser